Soft commodities refers to commodities that are grown, (such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, wheat, soybean, fruit and livestock). Considering its characteristics, type and necessity, the commodities meet a global and not niche market.

Thanks to the uniform standard measure that applies to every possible buyer (for example wheat is measured in bushel, while sugar is measured in pound), these commodities represent one of the oldest “organized and regulated” market forms, many of the which specialize in their negotiation today like yesterday.

Some of these were founded in the 1800s, and for many of them the classic forms of acquisition were maintained for purchase and sale orders. Although inevitably, we are moving towards an increasingly massive use of the telematic support.

Our strategy is based on the opportunity to operate directly in the raw materials sector, specializing the operating field to soft-food commodities and especially in the animal feed sector.

The “Building Compelling Value” strategy indicates the diversification of in the real economy sector, applying the modern principles of trade, including the raw materials, not exclusively financial, in a concept of Old Economy 4.0.


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