On 19th of May in 2017, Compendium Value Ltd has signed an exclusive sponsorship agreement with the famous italian newspaper “Giornale di Roma Sport e Spettacolo”, for the special edition dedicated to the long career as a Romanist player by Francesco Totti. The publication of this Special edition is a tribute to Francesco Totti as a Football player, because he represents one of the most loved athletes by the Italian public, (and also around worldwide), which has been present for over twenty years in the Italian national football scene. Compendium Value wanted to share the initiative of Il Giornale di Roma, finding full compliance with the values and commitment that the Captain has represented and still represents today, both inside and outside the field of play. The release of the Special edition is scheduled in all newsagent’s on 2nd June 2017, and will be accompanied by an advertising campaign that will see the Brand Compendium Value together with Il Giornale di Roma on major national newspapers. This is only the first initiative that Compendium Value has done in Italy, to show the brand awareness and the company’s solutions. Compendium Value established in 2015 and it is a company incorporated under English law, that operating around worldwide, in the sectors of the Real Economy, Insurance and Real Estate. The company represents a new excellent opportunity, certainly distinguished and identifiable in the general scene, and for this reason Compendium Value represents an excellent, credible and transparent interlocutor on the market.



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