By virtue of the scouting activity carried out over the last 8 months in the Italian territory, the COMPENDIUM VALUE Group during the last Board meeting in the London offices, has deliberated the transformation of its presence in Italy, starting from representative office already present in Rome via della Maglianella 65/T, with the official opening of the secondary office in the territory.

This choice continues the path of growth and diversification of the activities of the COMPENDIUM VALUE Group on an international level, starting from those countries of greater interests, such as Italy. The activities of the Italian area will mainly focus on the promotion of what has been done from the head office, and will pursue a three-year business plan to penetrate the italian business market, which will see the opening of new agencies all under a single brand “COMPENDIUM VALUE”, and the increase in the operating structure that is already present, through new professionals and collaborators. Operations in Italy will be developed and diversified, as a result of obtaining the relevant authorizations where it is necessary.


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